Our sustainability work

Welcome to Ecoestic Sweden! We are dedicated to offering organic products made with environmentally friendly ingredients to reduce the negative environmental impact. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and we strive to be a role model for environmentally friendly and ethical business. Below you can read more about our sustainability work.

  1. Natural ingredients and biodynamic cultivation: We focus on high-quality natural ingredients that are grown and processed with care. Our products are characterized by compositions that respect nature and the biodynamic cultivations. We strive to give the earth more than we take, which contributes to sustainable land use.

  2. Animal-friendly products: We are proud not to test any of our products on animals. Our production is focused on protecting animals and nature. By choosing our products, you support ethically and sustainably produced alternatives.

  3. Social responsibility: We believe in creating positive change in society. Through our partnership with From One to Another, a non-profit organization, we work to promote girls' equal right to education. We offer scholarships to girls and women's centers in southern Kenya through their well-developed working model, The Circle of Education. By supporting us, you contribute to building sustainable societies around the world.

  4. Sustainability day: We are proud partners of Taste by Globe, Svenska Krögare and NOON-FOOD during their sustainability day. As a partner, we participate in their fair and support the event. We also award the award for the Swedish Chef Award in Gastronomic Sustainability to recognize and promote sustainability in cooking.

  5. Nordic Ecolabelling: We collaborate with a factory in Denmark to produce products that are Nordic Ecolabelled. During the month of June, we will receive the first sample products that are approved for the label. When we are satisfied with the quality, we will start production with the Nordic Swan label, which shows our commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives.

  6. Good working conditions: We are committed to only doing business with countries that have decent working conditions and working conditions. Our factory follows EU certifications and requirements to ensure good working conditions. We always choose the most environmentally friendly option for our longer deliveries and strive to reduce our environmental impact.

  7. Reduce environmental impact: We always take environmental impact into account in our choices and decisions. We have recently moved our warehouses to modern facilities with robotic technology to ensure sustainability and efficiency. Our carriers also have sustainability work and we set requirements for reduced emissions to contribute to more sustainable logistics.

At Ecoestic Sweden, we strive to integrate sustainability into everything we do. We are proud of our work for a more sustainable future and hope that you will be inspired to choose our organic and environmentally friendly products. Together we can make a real difference to the planet and future generations.