Hotel products

Hotel products

Hotell produkter

Ecoestic Sweden has everything a hotel needs to provide its guests with products and articles of the highest quality. From organic hair and skin care to luxurious scented candles and refreshing body washes, Ecoestic Sweden offers a wide selection of products for hotels to choose from. All of their products are made from natural ingredients sourced from local Swedish suppliers, ensuring you get the best possible quality. By choosing Ecoestic Sweden's products, you can also be sure that your hotel is also doing something good for the planet.

Hotel articles

Hotell artiklar

All Ecoestic Sweden products come with an assurance that they are non-toxic and completely safe for both mother nature and your guests. Whether shampoo, conditioner or shower gel, each product carries a wonderful scent of chamomile and lavender flower - perfect for providing a truly relaxing experience in any hotel room. And thanks to their conscious plastic-free packaging, you can be sure that your carbon footprint will remain low when you buy these luxury items.

Ecoestic Sweden products not only have an excellent environmental profile, they also help support From One To Another - a charity working to promote equal rights for girls' education in Kenya. By purchasing these organic and sustainable products from Ecoestic Sweden, hotels can not only ensure that their guests have access to high-quality products, but also contribute to a great cause at the same time.

At Ecoestic Sweden, even younger guests can benefit from their range of hotel products and articles. Their packaging is designed so that eleven-year-olds can understand what each item does without having to read long instructions or complicated labels - making them perfect for kids and adults alike! In addition, this brand ensures that the content is easy to understand for all customers with short sentences written in easy-to-read language - so that everyone feels welcome when using their products.

From luxurious body washes to soothing scented candles - there is something special about each of Ecoestic Sweden's hotel items and products - making them ideal for hotels that want to give their guests an unforgettable experience while doing good in the world!