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BaldernÀs HerrgÄrd chooses Ecoestic Sweden!

by Ecoestic Sweden on Mar 25, 2024

We are happy to announce that BaldernÀs HerrgÄrd in the heart of Dalsland chooses Ecoestic Sweden as a supplier. At BaldernÀs , the charm from the turn of the century is mixed with today's standards so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. There is plenty of room here for relaxation and inspiration. Fantastic community spaces and dining rooms in an old setting, paired with modern hotel rooms, make BaldersnÀs something unique.

Here you can experience a lot of activities in a fantastic environment and also say YES and get a "golden edge" at your wedding.

We are happy to become part of BaldernÀs' offer and contribute to an even more enjoyable and sustainable experience for their guests. Our skin and hair care products, known for their  natural and environmentally friendly formulation, will provide an extra touch of luxury and well-being during your stay.
Look out for our products during your next visit to BaldernÀs HerrgÄrd!

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