Sustainable soap for hotels

Sustainable soap for hotels

Hållbar tvål till hotell

Ecoestic Sweden is a Swedish brand that creates products that are kind to the environment, making them the perfect choice for hotels looking for sustainable soap alternatives. Ecoestics soap is made with the highest quality ingredients and made in Europe, giving it a luxurious feel as well as an enticing scent of chamomile and lavender flowers. These organic soaps not only provide a relaxing, spa-like experience, they also help support girls' equal right to education in Kenya through their partnership with the charity From One To Another.

Hotels have long searched for safe and natural ways to provide their guests with exceptional experiences. Thanks to Ecoestic Sweden's organic soaps, hotels can now safely offer their customers a natural product that is sustainably sourced and produced. Even better, Ecoestics soaps are free of toxic substances or chemicals like phosphates or sulfates - meaning none of these harmful compounds will ever end up in our waterways or oceans.

Sustainable soap for hotels from Ecoestic

Ecoestic Sweden's mission is to create natural products that pamper people while protecting nature. In addition to providing luxurious and naturally scented body care products for hotels, Ecoestic also emphasizes sustainable packaging: all their soaps are packaged in eco-friendly paper instead of plastic wrap or bottles - further reducing their environmental impact. Plus, each bar is stamped with an embossed logo made from cornstarch wax!

When you choose Ecoestic Sweden's sustainable soaps for your hotel business, you can be sure that your guests will have a fresh and unique experience every time they enter your lobby or guest room. The fragrant scent of chamomile and lavender flowers will transport them to an oasis of calm and relaxation while helping to support girls' right to education! Even better - everyone involved in the creation of Ecoestic's products is safely working under fair working conditions while receiving wages above industry standards - meaning everyone benefits from this great partnership.

In summary, Ecoestic Sweden offers hotels environmentally friendly soaps created from first-class ingredients that are grown sustainably around Europe. By choosing these organic soaps, you're not only providing a wonderful experience for your guests, but you're also supporting the equal right to education for girls in Kenya - making it truly a win-win situation!